Mow it Tall let it Fall

A common misconception is that if you mow your grass too short, you won’t need to mow as frequently.  Unfortunately, shortly cut grass wants to rapidly grow back what it has lost.  The grass pulls reserves from the roots to increase shoot growth.  This decreases what’s available for the roots, increasing your lawn’s susceptibility to drought and heat stress.  Appropriate heights for bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass are two to three inches at a minimum.

Lastly, leave your clippings on the lawn.  Clippings are full of nutrients you paid for and can actually reduce your need to purchase more fertilizer.  Grass clippings readily break down and only will cause an issue if the quantity is excessive.  Mulching mowers are great at making the clippings small enough, but even standard discharge mowers will not cause a problem if you are following the one-third rule – cut the length of your grass by no more than one-third in a single mowing.

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